The secret of non-woven equipment

source:  date:2019-12-03

The equipment used in the non-woven production line is the same as many industrial machines and equipment to be preserved and maintained. Keeping the equipment dry can prolong the service life. The maintenance of non-woven equipment production line mainly includes cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and anti-corrosion. The Mechanical Department of each project must strictly carry out all maintenance work according to the maintenance manual and procedures of mechanical equipment and the specified cycle, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the potential trouble and extend the service life of the machinery. The following work needs to be done:

1、Routine maintenance centers on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening. Routine inspection and maintenance shall be carried out before, during and after each shift. The routine maintenance is completed by the mechanical operator independently.


2、Regular maintenance according to the maintenance requirements of various non-woven equipment, after reaching the specified working hours or specified time, corresponding regular maintenance must be carried out. The non-woven equipment is the machinery for processing and producing various products of non-woven fabric. The non-woven equipment mainly includes: non-woven fabric bag machine, non-woven fabric slitting machine, non-woven surgical clothing machine, non-woven fabric filter cotton weaving machine, non-woven fabric shoe cover machine, non-woven fabric glove machine, non-woven fabric fruit cover machine, non-woven fabric doctor hat machine, non-woven fabric nurse hat machine, non-woven fabric core cover machine, non-woven fabric eye mask machine, non-woven fabric Fabric drilling machine, non-woven fabric rewinder and other machines.

For example: performance and characteristics of non-woven bag making machine: the non-woven equipment is applicable to PP non-woven fabric, which can process non-woven fabric bags of different specifications and shapes: flat bags, handbags, vest bags, flour bags, film covered bags, etc. the machine integrates mechatronics and operates with LCD touch screen. Equipped with step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, computer automatic edge correction, accurate and stable.

The products produced in the production line need to maintain the continuous operation of the production line, which has higher requirements on the quality of the machine. In order to produce products with different performance, the manufacturers often search for the production line machinery and equipment, and equip professional machine maintenance personnel to maintain the long-term operation of the machine. It is necessary to know that regular maintenance and repair can properly extend the use time of the equipment, so it is not necessary to change the production line equipment frequently.

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