Application of glue line to strengthen turf

source:  date:2019-12-03

Artificial turf is now a common decoration in the city. The glue line of artificial turf provides a guarantee for the lawn, and it will not fall off prematurely. Artificial turf can bring users a comfortable experience to a certain extent and reduce people's foot and knee injuries; at the same time, artificial turf materials are safe, environmental friendly and beautiful in appearance, but in the process of construction and installation of high-quality artificial turf, we also need to do a good job in paving, lawn bonding and other details, so as to make the service life of turf longer!

1. Glue application: it is required to use the glue applicator to brush on its surface. The thickness shall be uniform and the glue shall not be applied repeatedly. Otherwise, blistering and even falling may occur. The adhesive applicator shall be used for the bottom cloth, the thickness of the glue shall be strictly controlled, and the glue application speed shall be appropriate, and the glue shall be applied to the two bonded surfaces respectively.
2. Adhesion: according to the actual influence of temperature, humidity, air pressure and other conditions at that time, reasonably control the drying time. Generally, within 10-30 minutes after the application of glue, 80.9% of the glue can be dried without sticking. It is required to use a seam gluer. During the bonding, it is required to align the gluer at one time. It is not allowed to move the glued object after the bonding.


3. Pressurization: after the bonding is completed, the sundries on the surface shall be removed, and the special rubber hammer shall be used to hammer from the bonding point to both sides, so as to make the surface full, contact and compact, and the bonding is more firm.

4. Curing: the curing time is generally three days, and the final strength is generally ten days. Therefore, during the curing period, it is necessary to pay close attention to its maintenance to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, water immersion and movement, so as to achieve a better bonding state. After the bonding, before the quartz sand and rubber particles are spread, the imported cleaner shall be used to clean the turf cutting fragments of the artificial turf.

It should be noted that the adhesive has a time limit, and it will not always be in the state of good adhesion. The lawn should be fixed before the adhesive is dry. During the construction of artificial turf, it should be noted that during the adhesive construction of artificial turf, the adhesive should not be exposed for a long time, because the solvent volatilization will cause the viscosity to be too large to be constructed. If the temperature is too low, it can be heated to 15-20 ℃ with hot water, then the original state can be restored, and the performance remains unchanged.

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