Carpet advantage of tufted carpet gluer

source:  date:2019-12-03

The tufted carpet produced by the tufted carpet gluing machine also pays attention to the production process. After material preparation, cutting and finalization, the product is just glued, and the bottom and the cutting are connected firmly as a whole, so as not to affect the subsequent use. When finishing, we should distinguish the difference of lining. After finishing, a tufted carpet will be produced. After knowing the steps of tufted carpet production, let's understand its performance characteristics!

1. Material preparation, spinning the pre heated and set acrylic fiber into the bottom cloth and all kinds of chemical fiber yarns required for flocking.

2. Tufting and setting, that is to say, the chemical fiber yarn is introduced into the bottom cloth of propylene fiber by a mechanical needle arrangement to form a neat and dense loop or cut pile on the carpet surface.

3. Scrape synthetic latex or polyester adhesive on the back of the blanket, and stick the bottom cloth and flocking into a solid whole.


4. Post finishing process, including flattening blanket surface with shearing machine, printing blanket surface, pasting styrofoam or polyurethane backing or jute backing on blanket back, steaming and finishing blanket surface.

Characteristics of tufted carpet

1. A wide range of designs and styles are available;

2. The tufted carpet is full in appearance, elastic and durable;

3. The product grade covers high, middle and low levels, which can meet the needs of different customers;

4. High production efficiency and short delivery period;

5. High dimensional stability, no shrinkage in use;

6. The product has wide applicability and can be used in different places.

The conventional tufted carpet has a unified production process, with some special exceptions. The carpet produced by the above steps can pass the standard in terms of quality and aesthetics. Because the appearance of tufted carpet is rich and has good elasticity, it is loved by the vast audience. The common tufted carpet surface styles are: flat loop pile, flat cut pile, loop pile jacquard, cut pile jacquard, high cut low loop and high cut low loop. In addition, there are also high and low loop pile jacquard styles formed by secondary weaving of tufted pile.

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